February 2, 2015

Repeat offender.

Welcome to yet another of my attempts to justify myself for reaching out for same clothing and/or accessory garments over and over again (see the previous ones here and here). But seriously, I am no stranger to repeating outfits and finding new ways to wear the same pieces from my closet. If it's versatile and easy to wear in different styles and occasions - like the white blazer I'm focussing in today's post is - then why not go for it?

So why do I think a white blazer should be a staple piece in everyone's wardrobe? Let's start with the fact that it goes with just anything: neutrals, pastels, prints, denim, you name it. As you will see from the looks below I am a more of a "black-grey-white" kind of girl so that was the color scheme I kept pairing my white blazer with. Next, it can easily be worn in the office, in a formal event or even on a casual weekend. Last and not least, it is probably the best transitioning piece into summer and fall but, if layered and accessorized properly, I don't see why it would not work during winter months too.

However, it is finding the right fit that will make or break the look. If you are going for the oversized piece, make sure to push up the sleeves or roll them up. On the other hand, a high waist is the best way to keep the proportions and balance everything out if you opt for a structured longline type of blazer.

See the original posts: here, here, here and here; the blazer I kept wearing in all these is from Sheinside (available here). If you are still on a look for a perfect one, then I cannot recommend it enough quality and price wise; but if you need more options then scroll over the shopping picks below. How do you or how would you wear the white blazer - let me know it the comments below!



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